Politically Correct in Mexico

Winter Sunrise Mezcales MexicoLife Saver Careyeros Beach Mexcio

Life Saver on duty on Careyeros Beach Mexico, guarding her sandcastles and demonstrating that there is fun for all ages on the beach.

Political correctness does not exist in Mexico. There is no such thing as hate speach unless you are foolish enough make fun of political figures or ultra wealthy individuals in which case you will be disappeared or undergo fixing in a hurry.

Mexico is a curious country where on the one hand virginity is revered and prostitution is perfectally legal but adultery is punishable by a prison sentence. Firearms are not allowed without a license, but if you murder there is no death penalty, and if you get caught punishable with time in jail. Homosexuality is tolerated but technically against the law and you can make as many jokes as you like about gay people, fat people, or short people and it is perfectly acceptable.

Some years ago there was a campaign to help Mexico. It went like this “Help Mexico: Kill a Chilango”. Chilango is the the slang term for a person from Mexico City. Folks from this part of the world are well known for their work ethic. What is not so good is that they also have a reputation for being opportunistic and will pick your pockets if you are not on the ball. In some countries this kind of campaign would have caused an uproar but in Mexico it ran and was a huge national joke and the chilangos just simply had to suck it up.

Soccer is a huge sport in Mexico and there is fierce rivalry between Chivas and America. Another huge sport which I personally don’t consider a sport is Boxing. The other night “La Baby” and ” Martinez” were slugging it out. These are serious female boxers. The commentator referred to the weight division as Peso Torta which roughly translates as chunky pie weight. Not very flattering for these ladies who were shall we say well upholstered.

These are typical differences that one encounters in Mexico that as a foreigner you might be quite oblivious of, if you assume that the laws and cultural language are the same as your country of origin. In fact it is a world apart. Learning to speak Spanish is easy and trivial when compared with assimilating the complexities of the cultural differences.


About Charlotte Ortega

I am a family physician and writer.I am an active member of the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group and I am coordinating this years International Writers Conference to be held in March in association with Los Mangos Library.Winters are spent in Mexico to escape the cold and the summers in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I am British born but have not lived in the U.K. since 1997. My blog is intended to inform would be travellers and those who view Mexico as a preferred retirement destination on every aspect of living in Mexico, the good and the other...My husband Humberto is Mexican and is a font of knowlege on the diverse cultural and social nuances which exist in this vibrant and colourful country.
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