Sports Drinks for Tennis: My View

Sports drinks are grossly overrated and are just another way of making $$$$ by the food and drinks industry.
Water at ambient or room temperature is the best form of rehydration.
I do not recommend carbonated drinks of any sort as they can cause gout, and osteoporosis. They taste great of course in most cases, although iced tea makes me vomit. The sugar load on the body contributes to obesity, which in turn can lead to diabetes which can cause multiorgan damage including blindness, kidney failure ,heart disease and blockage of blood vessels leading to gangrene.Not good!
If the adverts are to be believed you can’t be happy nor have a good time without a soda of the Choker Cola kind. This company spends $$$$$ on peddling it’s wares and then some in order to convince people to drink this toxic brew. There are no benefits to health from drinking Coke nor Pepsi. There is no healthy nutritional content.It is carbonated sugar or flavoured with artificial sweetners which add to the health damage.There are no micronutrients such as minerals and vitamins. Water on the other hand has been around as long as life itself and is life giving!
For tennis players I would caution against cold refrigerated drinks of any kind and avoid ice. The thinking behind this is that it slows the circulation of energy in the body and can cause stagnation. This will lead to all kinds of problems including in women menstrual disorders and perhaps fertility problems too.
Fruit juices made from concentrate have limited value. Better to squeeze your own drinks at room temperature.
Herbal teas such as green tea, chamomile and cinnamon are an excellent alternative too.
But the best form of rehydration is pure water, nothing added and nothing taking away. It is what your body needs.
Tennis players are the team and taking care of your body is essential.


About Charlotte Ortega

I am a family physician and writer.I am an active member of the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group and I am coordinating this years International Writers Conference to be held in March in association with Los Mangos Library.Winters are spent in Mexico to escape the cold and the summers in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I am British born but have not lived in the U.K. since 1997. My blog is intended to inform would be travellers and those who view Mexico as a preferred retirement destination on every aspect of living in Mexico, the good and the other...My husband Humberto is Mexican and is a font of knowlege on the diverse cultural and social nuances which exist in this vibrant and colourful country.
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