Reset the Net? He who rules the net rules the world!

Anyone today who uses the internet is subject to surveillance. Automatic are trying to mitigate the violations of privacy through better encryption but is this going to be 100% secure? I am sceptical. Censorship is about control and power and unfortunately anyone who uses the net is no more than a slave to this form of media and subject to scrutiny from those who have the power to do so. Vigilance is important and so is freedom of speech. My comments on the Automatic “Reset the net” post were moderated and not posted. Do I detect some sensitivity here? May be it was a cyber glitch but I am posting again so that my opinion is shared. Bloggers and writers have a moral obligation to speak out for the underdog, the marginalized, the disenfranchised, the vulnerable and most of all against injustice. I am passionate about this but yet through intimidation and big brother tactics we may be cowed into silence. This is dangerous and a disturbing submission to the inflexion of those with more power and more money!


About Charlotte Ortega

I am a family physician and writer.I am an active member of the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group and I am coordinating this years International Writers Conference to be held in March in association with Los Mangos Library.Winters are spent in Mexico to escape the cold and the summers in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I am British born but have not lived in the U.K. since 1997. My blog is intended to inform would be travellers and those who view Mexico as a preferred retirement destination on every aspect of living in Mexico, the good and the other...My husband Humberto is Mexican and is a font of knowlege on the diverse cultural and social nuances which exist in this vibrant and colourful country.
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